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Air of Italy in Krasnodar

On 1st of December representatives of Italian town Rimini along with the travel company “Danko” organized Gala Dinner for Krasnodar citizens. They announced that there will be regular flights on Saturday from Krasnodar to Rimini. The travel agency “Danko” offers good deals for travelling, the price starts from $400, it means many people can afford going there.
The dinner was prepared by two Italian cooks for over 100 people. They did incredible job! The menu was big and included many kinds of traditional Italian cheeses, meat, 3 kinds of pasta, grilled vegetables, tender beef prepared exactly like I tasted in Italy. The culmination of the dinner was incredible Italian cake with ice-cream!
The amazing thing was that all the products and vine were delivered from Italy and citizens of Krasnodar had chance to enjoy the real cuisine of Italian South.
The organization and amount of food were quite impressive.
We were wondering in any region of Russia could organize an event of such scale in a different country…
Many thanks to the representatives of Rimini, it was wonderful!

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Spring in Krasnodar

About 3 months ago I had a discussion with my friend about Russian cities. He was telling me that Krasnodar is very beautiful comparing to other places in Russia. I disagreed telling that Moscow and Saint Petersburg are better and have terrific architecture.
Well, about two weeks ago I was in business trip around Russia, I visited Lipetsk, Yekaterinburg, Perm and Kazan.
If in Krasnodar the trees were green and everything was blooming, in other parts of Russia even the grass didn’t start to grow and it was snowing.
After coming back I realized that my friend was right telling that Krasnodar is the beautiful city and that it’s great that we live there.

Last Sunday I had a lunch with my other friend and she was complaining that the weather in Krasnodar is so terrible that she even didn’t have chance to walk without a light coat. I told her to zip and offered to visit other cities where people still were wearing winter cloth…

Here you can see the pictures of Krasnodar…






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Fog in Krasnodar

The planes don’t arrive and don’t departure from Krasnodar airport for  3 days because of the fog.  Airport stopped to accept the planes from 7 pm (GMT+3) on 20th of January. About 20 planes to Krasnodar landed in the closest airports: Sochi (250 km), Rostov (300 km) and Anapa (200 km), from there the passengers needed to find their own ways to get to Krasnodar. Hundreds of passengers are waiting in the airport of Krasnodar, many of them needed to cancel the business trips and change their plans. All the passengers who waited in the airports were provided with hot meals and accommodation in the hotels. Specialists of Krasnodar meteorology centre considered that the fog would last about 2 days but it’s still foggy.

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Krasnodar hotels

If you plan to come to Krasnodar when international exhibitions take place (, it’s better to book the hotel in advance because everything available is usually full. The prices of the 3 stars hotels start approximately from 80 USD (60 Euros), and the prices of 4 stars hotels start from 120 USD (90 Euros). The service is good in most of the hotels but in the same time in the US you could pay 40 USD and get the better service with free Internet connection. In Krasnodar hotels it’s necessary to buy a card in the reception of the hotel if you are going to use wi-fi, if you use cable connection the hotel will include the service in the price.

According the data of MACON Realty Group, currently the hotels services market in Krasnodar is represented by 60 hotels, total amount of rooms in that fund is about 2000. 9 hotels have four stars category (about 300 rooms), 15 hotels have three stars category (about 450 rooms). Hotels fund in Krasnodar averages – 2.6 rooms per one thousand of citizens, in Moscow the same index is 6.3, in Europe – 25. Currently 4 hotels are being constructed – Ibis, Mariott, Pangra, Katerina-City, total quantity of rooms in these hotels will be 680. In the next 3-4 years demand on three-four stars hotels will be very high and the new constructed objects will not cover it.           Source: newspaper “Va-bank in Krasnodar”.

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